Our motto is "perspecitve is everything" and we ensure that each frame captures the best aspects of the subject. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

perspective is everything

AERIAL 360 of Sierra Vista AZ

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We Are AERIAL 360

You landed in the right place! We do everything from commercial videography, real estate, and event coverage, to inspections. We’re not satisfied with mediocrity, and neither should you.

Our motto is"Perspective is Everything" and thus we ensure that each frame captures the best aspects of the subject.

Serving Southeast Arizona in Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties.

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Our Services

Our DJI Inspire 2 is the latest technology for high-end aerial cinematography. Featuring a 360° rotating gimbal X5S camera that can record in 4k and 5.2k resolution. Our drones are equipped with a 4K cameras, GPS location, and obstacle avoidance sensors.

Our pilot has several years of safe flying experience, in a wide variety of conditions and locations, we're here for you from flight planning to final delivery.

Additionally, we bring every photo into Adobe Lightroom and or Photoshop for final enhancements or adjustments. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Real Estate

Residential or commercial including panorama photos. Showcase your property from a "higher perspective"!

2D and 3D Mapping

Perfect for land surveys, construction, real estate, farmers or anyone who needs a 2 or 3D map of their land or facility.


All types of inspections for roofs, construction sites, wind turbines, cell towers, bridges, and more.

Subject Tracking Technology

Tracking above or horizontaly moving subjects up to 58 mph. Perfect for capturing sporting events, cars, bikes, boats, etc.

Some Examples

Our Project Steps

1. Communication

First, we listen. We then collaborate on exactly what the ideal outcome of the project is to be. Defining your project's purpose and scope, we’ll agree on what, when, where, how and why.

2. Flight planning

Next, we enter the detailed planning phase. This involves creating a Flight Plan that guides us through the project, ensuring safety and FAA compliance.

3. Execution

With a clear definition of the project and a detailed Flight Plan, we are ready to enter the execution phase. After the plan is finalized, we run through our final flight checklist and obtain any FAA authorization and fly the mission(s).

4. Delivery!

The final step is delivering the product in the digital format of your choice of a secure download, thumb drive, or DVD.

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Some Sample videos

Just a few sample videos...
What can we capture for you from a higher perspective?

Choose Your Package



  • Up to ten UHD unedited photos
  • Several angles of participants
  • Low and high altitude photos
  • Collective group posed photo
  • Delivered on your thumb drive



  • Up to ten UHD edited photos
  • Bird's eye view of desired locations
  • Interior photography also available
  • Delivered on your choice of media



  • Up to twenty UHD edited photos
  • Bird's eye view of desired locations
  • Sixty second fully edited video
  • Delivered on your choice of media
  • Interior photography also available



  • You call the shots literally!
  • Marketing Video
  • Real Estate
  • Roof Inspections
  • Drone Fly-Throughs
  • Delivered on your choice of media

Our pilot is FAA Certified

We are FAA Certified & and every flight
is insured via SkyWatch

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